Thilawa Port’s frontage road construction 65% finished

According to the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), the construction process of the frontage road of the Thilawa Port has been finished at 65 per cent so far.


The coordinating meeting on construct­ing the frontage road was held on 22 February at the Yangon City Hall. The chairman of the YCDC (Mayor) urged all to install junctions at the necessary corners and places so as to ensure the safety and convenience of the automobiles on the frontage street of the Thil­awa Port, to finish the construction processes within the targeted period, to grow plants and trees for ensuring the green environment along the road, to build the bus-stops along the road, and to build the modern lamp-posts for ensuring to have enough lighting at night.”


He also urged officials to prioritize the long-term sustainability of the road after its completion, to monitor every step of the con­struction of the road within the established timeframe, and to practice measures to en­sure traffic safety in the road construction.


The Thilawa Port frontage road has been constructing as per the road design submitted by the Ministry of Construction within the targeted timeframe in accordance with the criteria and standards. At present, 65 per cent of the construction project has been completed and the remaining 35 per cent is underway. Constructing the lamp-posts along the traffic island will be carried out coordi­nating with the Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation. — TWA/ TMT