Conserve natural environment in process of development undertakings

THE development of the country is directly proportionated to the loss of the natural environment. As undertakings to develop the nation may bring loss and damage to the environment, .............
Preserve traditional culture of ethnic people for perpetual existence
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is home to more than 130 ethnic national people who have been preserving their traditional culture and customs since yore.
Carefully nurture children to become outstanding adults
A SAYING everybody knows goes: “today’s children will be tomorrow’s adults”. The nature of children is like wax which can be carved into any shape of structure as hoped.
Strive for enlargement of forest areas to benefit the people
T HE land of Myanmar is covered with thick foliage of 29,701,617.85 acres of 828 forest reserves and 13,014,703.59 acres of protected public forests.
Look after senior citizens with sympathy on their sunset days
Everybody has to struggle for their survival during the days from the life of a baby to the days of the senior citizen.
Give a helping hand but don’t interfere in internal affairs
Generally, Myanmar people are honest and humble in nature of paying respect not only to their friends but to strangers in their relations as they are handling their daily works under the guidance of Buddhism and other religions.
Analyze advantages and disadvantages of globalization and interference processes
T HE word ‘globalization has been noisy in the international community for more than two decades. Such a beautiful word ‘globalization’ lures small and large countries across the world with great hopes.