Nurture human resources to develop the nation

PUTTING investments in education and health sectors contributes much to turning out educated human resources with health and fitness.
Efficiently use water now as preparations for the coming summer
Rivers that are called main arteries and tributaries as well as a lot of creeks are flowing across the nation from the north to the south and from the east to the west and vice versa.
Don’t underestimate infection of communicable diseases
The covid-19 pandemic is still spreading across the world while new infectious diseases with different titles are trying to take a stronghold in the world to attack the global peoples.
Create medical coverage for Hepatitis patients
World Hepatitis Day falls on 28 July every year, because it is the birthday of Nobel-prize-winning scientist Dr Baruch Blumberg, who discovered hepatitis B virus (HBV) and developed a diagnostic test ..............
Choose quality and safe products for health and fitness
People use foodstuffs and consumer products essential for their daily routine. In choosing the products they like people need to take care of low-quality products without too much emphasizing the cheap prices of goods.
Cooperate with health staff in fighting TB
THE government is implementing the national strategic plan 2021-2025 in cooperation with local and foreign partner organizations as part of efforts to ensure the people stay away from major infectious diseases.
Establish forests to lessen climate change
MYANMAR’S forest reserve system was initiated in 1870 with the aim of successfully implementing forest management measures in an effective manner.