Unlocking Investment Promotion and Facilitation of Myanmar

T HE escalating trade tensions, the slow advancement of multilateralism, serious challenges for global and regional level political and economic activity posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have severely ............
6 months’ immunity in mild covid patients as antibodies persist: study
A NEW study has found that most patients with mild COVID-19 infections produce antibodies that persist and protect them from reinfection for up to six months.
No need for third jab booster: Study
V ACCINES are effective enough at preventing severe cases of COVID-19 that there is no current need for the general population to be given third doses, according to a report in The Lancet published Monday.
First Person: A refuge from COVID misinformation
HADEEL Al-Zoubi is a Senior Camp Assistant working in two camps (Za’atari and Azraq) that accommodate Syrians who have fled their wartorn country.
Narrow development gap between urban, rural regions
THE land of Myanmar is formed with small urban regions and vast rural areas. The urban areas are facilitated with things essential for the society whereas the rural areas do not have similar facilities.
Robotics to build on momentum from COVID-19
CHINA’S robotics industry is growing from strength and strength, with leading companies in the sector ramping up efforts to advance production in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, ..............
Useful protection or not warranted? Third jab debate rages
S OME say it’s vital to boosting immunity as the Delta variant spreads, while others say precious vaccines should go to countries -- mostly in the Global South -- where most people haven’t even had their first jab.