Knowledge Augmentation via Civil Service Academy (Upper Myanmar), Union Civil Service Board

CIVIL Service Academy, Upper Myanmar (CSA-UM) is situated in Zeepingyi village, PyinOoLwin Township, Mandalay Region.
A Glimpse of Humanitarian Assistance to Myanmar through the AHA Centre

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India able to limit COVID spread but no scope of complacency, rise in cases after March this year: Sources

As A Life Elixir
I HATED some things when I was a child. Among them, coffee is included. I did not want to wash dishes, do housework, run errands, etc. I had so many complaints about the food.
Behind the Capital Punishment
THOSE who suddenly see or who do not understand the real situation might think that four pro-democratic activists have died. However, they were executed not for carrying out activities for democracy peacefully, ..............
An Open Letter of Education to My Little Sister
B ELIEVE it or not, I have been yearning for you since you last went back to school. I also hope that you are in a good heart there. And I expect that you will be as busy as a bee with a lot of your studies.