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A stroke occurs when blood circulation is cut off in the brain—causing a medical emergency that warrants immediate attention. When blood doesn’t reach brain cells, they don’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need and begin to die within minutes.
The Burma Circle of the Geological Survey of India and their Contributions to the Geology of Myanmar
Thomas Henry Digges La Touche (1855-1938) following schooling in Shrewsbury was awarded a degree in Geology in 1880 under Professor Hughes at St. Johns College Cambridge.
The antagonism of youths against parents
IN MYANMAR, family life is a major part of the culture and heritage of our people. They tend to live near each other in the village and are very close and supportive.
An Interview with a Veteran Correspondent Ex-Chairman of Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan
I am Khaldon Azhari. I am a journalist based now in Japan. I represent some Arabic media and Pan Orient News.
Monsoon season has started
In our country, there are two types of monsoons: the southwest monsoon, which causes the rainy season, and the northeast monsoon, which causes cool and dry weather.
What Built from Love
WHEN we get there, the area is crowded with teens and youths. As soon as I set my foot on the ground and glance around, ........
SIGNIFICANT terms and their meanings in international law and diplomacy
De facto is a term used to describe a situation which is acknowledged to exist but of which the legality or justice may be in question.