Tatmadaw: An institution serving under orders and discipline

Cadets have to nurture themselves since training periods to become qualified and successful officers with self-confi­dence and self-reliance.


Senior General Min Aung Hlaing un­derlined that engineering officers have to consider how to carry out their work from the engineering point of view and with engineering philosophy.


Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday afternoon met senior officer instructors, senior officer lecturers, fac­ulty members, officers and cadets at the convocation hall of Defence Services Technological Academy in PyinOoLwin.


Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General highlighted that as Tatmadaw’s training schools and academies are giving training to trainees in a proper ratio to instructors, all trainees have to try their best to become outstanding and qualified officers.


He stressed that all trainees need to stand on their own as they have joined Tatmadaw of their own accord.


He added that as cadets have to pursue engineering subjects and mil­itary training within a six-year peri­od of training, they have to nurture themselves to live under discipline on a self-reliant basis and good practices of teamwork.


In giving guidance to instructors, the Senior General urged the instruc­tors to share their experiences as well as literary knowledge with the train­ees to be able to turn out outstanding trainees.


He noted that trainees have to fol­low the advice of seniors and instructors to help improve their life and be able to apply their knowledge in practical fields.


The Senior General highlighted that leadership is of great importance in Tatmadaw, and only when individuals become good followers under discipline will they become good leaders. He con­tinued that trainees have to systemat­ically study relevant subjects during the training period to become good engineering professionals.


The Senior General revealed that as there remain many tasks for the Tatmadaw to carry out military building and nation-building tasks, it is neces­sary to strive to achieve development in conformity with the advancement of all arenas at present.


Also present at the meeting were Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Vice-Admi­ral Zwe Win Myint and officials.


The Senior General and party paid homage to Maha Shwemyintin Pagoda in PyinOoLwin and made cash dona­tions. The Senior General gave instruc­tions on necessary maintenance to en­sure the sustainability of the pagoda and fulfilled the need to offer gold foils to the pagoda.


They also paid homage to the image of the Lord Buddha at the Pada Foot­print Hall. — MNA/TTA