Take care of silence killer or chronic disease diabetes

January 20,2022

MOST of the Myanmar people who cannot discard the traditional consumption style with rice are suffering from the impacts of diabetes, a chronic disease. 

Myanmar people are friendly to consume the instant foods containing high calories due to various reasons such as no spare time to cook meals, no skills to cook, too lake arrivals of home from workplaces, financial problems to store rice and kitchen utensils and keenness to consume the high calories foods. 

The number of people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart and cancer diseases is on the rise day by day because of uncontrollable foodstuffs. Consequently, many adults are on the increase due to subsequent problems. The WHO’s Steps Survey stated 10.5 per cent of people between the ages of 15 and 64 in Myanmar were diabetes patients and the disease has killed 19.7 per cent of the people. The reliable statistics mentioned that Yangon City is top on the chart of diabetes across the country. It is because local people in Yangon City face population density, too much consumption of tea and soft drinks, the high consumption rate of meals with the content of starch and oil volume, and enjoy the TV and games for a long time. 

The Ministry of Health stated that 36 per cent of dead persons in the COVID-19 suffered from diabetes. Among them, 30 per cent of patients were suffering from hypertension and 19 per cent of the patients were burdening both hypertension and diabetes. The outbreak of diabetes depended on environmental impacts, instant foods and low-quality meals. At present, the dreadful disease diabetes is searching for its prey. In fact, the patients may face unavoidable losses such as blindness, damage of kidneys, heart attacks, stroke and loss of limbs. 

However, the victims of diabetes can control themselves to lessen the sufferings of diabetes with physical exercises such as walking, preparedness of lifestyle and consumption system to minimize the foods with too much starch and to maximize consumption of salads. 

Now is the time to change the consumption style of Myanmar to overcome the challenges of hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases as well as various kinds of cancers. People should not be too attached to the traditional consumption styles because today’s foods are combined with various kinds of chemicals including unsafe cooking oils. Hence, all Myanmar people should change their meals for free from diseases.