Sri Ksetra Cultural Zone to undergo renovation and flood prevention measures

Lighting conductors are set to be in­stalled at the ancient buildings, and flood prevention measures will be taken in the Sri Ksetra cultural zone, a World Heritage Site in Pyay Township, according to Deputy Director U Soe Min of the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Sri Ksetra branch).


Efforts to prevent floods involve dredging existing ponds and excavating new ones. Lightning rods will be placed at Bawbawgyi Temple, Belbel Temple, U Khinba Mound, and Phayahtaung Temple.


Additionally, plans were revealed for the construction of an information department and a special exhibition hall at the Sri Ksetra Museum.


The department's renovation strategy includes developing a map to guide tourists to the viewing tower, using chemicals to re­move unwanted banyan trees from religious structures, weeding within a 20-foot radius of ancient buildings, and installing fencing around the structures to discourage bats and birds.


Furthermore, the museum will undergo a name change from to Tharay Khittaya to Sri Ksetra. Authorities will extend invitations to middle and high school students, as well as university students, and will organize pop quiz events where participants can win knowledge books as prizes. — ASH/NT