Sports victories reflect State’s development

Officials need to fairly manage competitions in the National Sports Festival in accordance with sporting spirit and sports oaths, although all competitions will be strong in line with the prestige of the sports festival.


VICE-SENIOR General Soe Win noted that the improvement of sports standards shows the pres­tige and progress of the country.


Vice-Chairman of the State Admin­istration Council Deputy Prime Minis­ter Vice-Senior General Soe Win, who is also a Patron of the Leading Organizing Committee on the 5th National Sports Festival 2024, delivered a speech at the first meeting of the leading committee at the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.


In his speech, the Vice-Senior Gener­al revealed that the State Administration Council plans to organize the 5th National Sports Festival in December 2024 under the sports calendar.


Officials need to fairly manage com­petitions in the National Sports Festival in accord with sporting spirit and sports oaths, although all competitions will be strong in line with the prestige of the sports festival.


He instructed officials to choose the outstanding athletes who would set re­cords close to the records of first, second and third prize winners in the XXXII SEA Games as tentatively selected players for the nation to be able to compete in the international sports competitions.


The Vice-Senior General disclosed that the national sports festival would be categorized as six sports events at the inter-ministry level and 23 events at the inter-state/region level, with the partici­pation of some 6,500 athletes.


He recounted that the national sports festivals were held by successive govern­ments, — the first festival in 1992, the second in 1994, the third in 1997, and the fourth in 2015.


He explained the purposes of holding the sports festival: the first point is to promote sports standards of the nation further, and the second point is to success­fully compete in the XXXIII SEA Games to be hosted by Thailand in December 2025, turn out new generation athletes who will bring honour to the State, forge fraternity of athletes among regions, states and min­istries, raise sports activities and attract entire people to join sports activities.


For the welfare of athletes, the Vice-Senior General stressed the need to provide healthy and genuine foods for athletes.



Moreover, he urged officials to organize experts from rele­vant arenas and artistes to ac­tively participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the sports festival as a national-level ceremony.


The Vice-Senior General pointed out that officials from the working committee and relevant subcommittees have to successfully take responsi­bility for organizing the festival as part of grasping an opportu­nity to show patriotism, national spirit, peace and stability of the nation.


Chairman of the Leading Committee Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs U Min Thein Zan reported on prepa­rations to host the 5th national sports festival, formation of the working committee and subcom­mittees, categorizing the sports events and awarding plans.


Chairman of the opening and closing ceremony organ­izing committee Union Minis­ter for Information U Maung Maung Ohn presented plans to hold the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival on a grand scale.


Union ministers, the Audi­tor-General of the Union, the Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman, region and state chief ministers and officials reported on prepa­rations for the festival.


Later, the Vice-Senior Gen­eral coordinated measures re­lated to discussions and reports. — MNA/TTA