Some 5,000 visitors daily flock to Yangon Zoo on public holidays

The number of visitors to the Yangon Zoological Gardens is increasing on a daily basis, and daily peaks up around 5,000 visitors during public holidays, according to U Than Myint Tun, the warden of Yangon Zoological Gardens.


“Around 5,000 people per day visit the zoo on weekends and it is about 1,000 per day on weekdays. In November and December at the end of 2023, about 2,500 visitors toured the zoo on each Saturday and Sun­day, and the number of visitors increased after opening ele­phant museum. The elephant museum was opened in March 2022,” U Than Myint Tun said.


In the elephant museum, the public can visit and study the Asian elephant’s habitats, wild elephant in Myanmar, their behaviors and history through various eras. Accesso­ries, fossils, skeleton pictures, tusks, and traditional Myan­mar handicrafts are displayed for public observation, and the books about elephant nature are also kept. Moreover, qual­ity souvenirs are available at the souvenir shop.


The entrance fee to Yan­gon Zoo is 2,500 kyats per adult, 1,500 kyats per child, 7,000 kyats per foreign tourist, and 5,000 kyats per foreigner child. Monks, and nuns are al­lowed for free. The plans have been processed to ensure for the safety for picnicker fami­lies who come to Yangon Zoo­logical Gardens to enjoy their leisure time peacefully.


Yangon Zoological Gar­dens covers an area of 57 acres and has kept around 350 species of animals and 1,400 animals. In addition to the aquarium, the Elephant Museum has also been estab­lished. — ASH/TKO