Shwedagon Pagoda marks 2608th anniversary on Full Moon Day of Tabaung

A ceremony to mark 2608th anniversary Tabaung Festival of Shwedagon Pagoda was held on the Full Moon Day of Tabaung yesterday, where the influx of Buddhists performed meritorious-deeds from dawn till dusk.


A total of 108-members of Sangha, led by senior monks of the board of trustees, recited Pali verses of consecration at the upper terrace of pagoda.

During the merit-sharing ceremony, a senior monk delivered the nine moral precepts to congregation. After the offertories have been donated to the monks, the Buddhist devotees shared the merits. On the Full Moon Day of Tabaung, pilgrims flocked to the significant pagodas in Yangon and other areas of the country for merit-makings.—MNA


(Translated by Aung Khin)