Shwebo Thanaka's business is booming with increased domestic sales and exports to Thailand

Demand for Shwebo thana­ka is rising both in the local market and among the buyers from Thailand, according to the thanaka business circle.


Thanaka, a yellowish natural cosmetic paste made of bark, is the most popular cosmetic in Myanmar while a round patch of Thanaka stripes on the cheeks of My­anmar women and girls is a unique world-famous beauty.


"Sales of Thanaka are good. Shwebo Thanaka sells well through both on­line channels and at physi­cal stores. As people living in Thailand resell Thanaka, we also export to Thailand. Shwebo Thanaka is mainly produced in Ayadaw. Ayadaw Thanaka is Shwebo Thanaka. Pakokku Thanaka is different and they are not the same," said a seller from Phyo Shwe­bo Thanaka Trading.


Most Thanaka orders come from Yangon and Ay­eyawady regions, but other regions and states also buy for resale.


A piece of Shwebo Thana­ka costs from K 500 for a 4 1/2 inch sized piece of stem to a maximum of K 5,000, de­pending on the size. — Thit Taw/ZN