Shan potato floods market on 19 Feb amid supply shortage of Chinese potato

The wholesale price of Shan potato is K500 lower than Chinese potato.


The potato from Shan State (Aungban and Heho) is increas­ingly flowing into the market when there is a supply shortage of Chinese potato on 19 Febru­ary, a seller involved in Yaytama Street at Bayintnaung Broker­age told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).


The shortage of Chinese potatoes shot up the price. High influx of Shan potatoes slowed down the supply of Chinese po­tatoes. The wholesale prices stood at K2,400 per viss for Chi­nese potato and K1,900-K2,000 per viss for Shan potato.


The potato depots set the price only for Chinese potato while they have disclosed that of Shan potato for half of the year.


The prices were K1,200- K1,700 per viss for potatoes from Sinbyukyun ara and K2,150 for Chinese potatoes in the corresponding period last year.


New potato from Sinbyuk­yun area is soon to enter the Yangon market, yet the output is likely to decline. The pota­to is cultivated in Shan State throughout the year.


Chinese potatoes usual­ly flood the domestic market when the production of potatoes drops locally.


The onion prices have reached a record high of K5,100 per viss, when the garlic fetched up to K17,000 per viss. Mean­while, the highest price of po­tato was just K4,200 per viss.


The prices of kitchen gro­ceries were K2,400-K3,200 per viss of onion, K1,700-K9,000 for garlic and K2,000 for potato on 20 February. — TWA/KK