Rice fetches high price in post-Thingyan holidays

April 20


The rice that is mainly consumed locally is priced high after the Thingyan holidays, according to the Wahdan Rice Wholesale Centre.


On 7 April, Pawsan rice prices moved in the range between K72,000 and K93,000 per bag depending on the producing areas (Shwebo, Myaungmya, Dedaye, Pyapon, and Pathein). New Pawsan rice fetched K72,000 per bag. Meanwhile, the prices stood at K77,000-K79,000 per bag for Kyapyan, K64,500 for Kunni, K54,000 for Ngasein, K60,000 for short-mature rice (90 days), K54,000 for Aemahta, K66,000 for Pawkywe, K53,000 for rice grown under intercropping season.


After Myanmar’s New Year holidays, the prices of Pawsan rice climbed up to K75,000-K97,000 per bag on 18 April. The prices of various rice varieties were up by K1,000-K5,000 per bag within ten days.


Rocketing paddy prices drove rice prices up.


Starting from 3 August 2022, Myanmar Rice Federation, Myanmar Rice Producers and Planters Association, Myanmar Rice Millers Association, and traders and brokers engaged in Wahdan Rice Wholesale Centre and Bayintnaung Rice Wholesale Centre have been working together to offer fair prices for Shwebo Pawsan from K75,000-K77,000 per bag and other rice varieties to the consumers at the Wahdan Wholesale Centre.


The offer prices are K52,000-K55,000 per bag of Pawsan from the Ayeyawady area, K55,000-K60,000 per bag of Kyapyan, and K35,000-K37,000 per bag of short-mature rice varieties (90 days) at the Wahdan Rice Wholesale Centre.


Each household can buy only one bag. Those traders and retailers are not entitled to buy them.


The rice supply to the market is declining for now. The market is quite sluggish, according to the Wahdan Rice Wholesale Centre. — NN/EM