Raise the number of readers to widen the scope of knowledge

January 20


As a Myanmar saying goes: all books are friends, the persons with the hobby of reading love books and publications. They assume books as their friends similar to actual human friends because they can accumulate knowledge on a wider range from reading.


In society, genuine friends urge their partners to do deserved things as well as give a helping hand to them for doing something. On the other hand, those genuine friends are responsible for reminding their partners not to do and prevent inappropriate measures. Likewise, knowledge obtained from reading can help the readers mature to consider dos and don’ts in society.


Once, Pakokku U Ohn Pe, a doyen literati said that literature is the best tool for the life. Thanks to knowledge from reading, he uplifted himself as well as lit the literary light for the people not only from Pakokku but across the nation. Since his prisoner life, he had the chance to read books by the warden of the jail. So, he improved himself gradually by following the advice from the books.


Currently, most people young and old are flowing into the various types of social media through advanced technologies. But, they cannot actually analyze fabricated news, fake news, false information, misinformation and disinformation as well as extorted news based on propaganda and wrong facts and figures.


As such, readers need to take care in analyzing the information on social media. They all need to spend their important time and cost when reading inappropriate information on social media. Moreover, reflection from the monitor of computers and mobile screens can affect impacts on eyes of readers. Even if they wish to read something on social media, they should uphold consideration to read them.


In practice, book reading is the best for readers. From a material view, the hard copy cannot bring any side effects to the reader’s eyes. In addition, the officially published books grant the readers for avoiding inappropriate measures from the books. But, readers need to have the rationality and skill of analysis over everything such as that of social media and books whether is right or wrong.


Once, Myanmar launched a literacy campaign in the entire nation to raise the literacy rate as well as decline the illiteracy rate. Currently, Myanmar strives for raising the number of readers through reading books and publications among the people to be able to widen their scope of knowledge for analyzing right and wrong.