Quality assurance signals high price in Sino-Myanmar border


January 6,2022

MYANMAR’S watermelons and muskmelons which are exported to China fetch a good price depending on their quality, Sai Khin Maung from the Khwanyo Fruit Warehouse. 

Better quality adds value to over seven Yuan per kilogramme of watermelon. Regardless of the quality determining the price, high transport cost and long queue posed burdens on traders. Some watermelons went off, Sai Khin Maung added. 

“Watermelons and muskmelons are receiving handsome prices in the Wamting area. However, traders are taking a risk to convey watermelons to China amidst the high transport cost of Chinese short-haul trucks and unexpected delays,” he stressed. 

Long delay of trucks caused harm to watermelon quality and only one in five trucks heading to China remained undamaged with quality watermelons during the 2021-end period. It takes about 20 days from the farm to the Chinese market at present. 

“Quality control can be assured only after reducing delays in China side, getting entry permit for Myanmar short-haul drivers to the market beyond Chinese drivers and cutting the red-tape and trade barriers in Myanmar side, he continued. 

In addition to COVID-19 restriction measures, China’s Customs regulations resulted in delays. China’s Customs in the border post will practise higher import duty as if it does in maritime trade. Therefore, the trucks are waiting for new Customs regulations, the Khwanyo Trading Depot stated. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, trade facilitation is unlikely to happen according to China’s trade policy. Trade will go back to normality after China eases rules and restriction measures for COVID-19. 

China shut down all border posts with Muse city in the wake of COVID-19 impacts. Of them, the Kyinsankyawt border post between Myanmar and China, which was previously closed down from 8 July, has been reopened starting from 26 November on a trial run. — NN/GNLM