PyinOoLwin’s seasonal strawberries flood domestic market, export shortage

Traders remarked that sea­sonal strawberries from the Py­inOoLwin area are widely distrib­uted to the domestic market as they have yet to penetrate foreign markets.


There are 235 acres of straw­berries in PyinOoLwin Township this year, with a cultivation cost of K4.5 million per acre. Straw­berries are cultivated from Sep­tember to October, and fresh strawberries are harvested from January to May.


The fresh strawberry fetches K10,000-K13,000 per viss, depend­ing on varieties at the beginning of this year’s season. The prices rose slightly from K9,000-K12,000 per viss recorded last year.


The strawberry price moves down due to the abundant sup­ply. Last year, it plunged to K5,500-K8,000 per viss. The sup­ply then exceeds the demand, scaling down the price, growers and traders said.


Despite the lack of exports, strawberries are highly con­sumed in the market as fresh fruit. It is also processed as straw­berry paste, jam and wine with value addition. — NN/EM