Pumpkin growers from Mongyu expect strong market

March 24


ALTHOUGH there has been a high yield of pumpkin in Mongyu town, Mongyawng township, Shan State (East), the growers are expecting to convey the pumpkin in time because of the temporary suspension of the Mongyu-Kyainichan border bridge.


The local farmers are growing rubber, corn, pumpkin, chilli and various beans on their farmland on a commercial scale. In order to get a handsome profit from the yielded crops, they export them to other areas through the Mongyu-Kyainichan border bridge.


The Mongyu-Kyainichan border bridge was closed starting from 19 July because of COVID-19. Now, it has been almost a year and the border bridge are still suspended. This is the reason why the local farmers are faced with difficulties to export them and they hope to export the crops in time.


Last year, the pumpkin was sold for K200 per kilo. On account of the closure of the border bridge, there is no market demand for the pumpkin and the local farmers are unable to export them. The farmers have harvested the pumpkin and stored them in their backyards. They are waiting for the market demand, according to pumpkin growers. —Ko Ko Naing (IPRD)/GNLM