Protect books and copyright to come out masterpieces

Every year, UNESCO, one of the agencies under the United Na­tions emphasizing the development of children’s affairs, invites us to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April by sharing visual materials and spreading quotes, poems, and messages that symbolize the power of books and encourage reading. In its press release, UNESCO emphasized that sharing knowledge, readings, and books helps build community and connect readers across the world, offering a remedy for loneliness.


World Book and Copyright Day, commemorated globally, high­lights the importance of championing children’s reading choices and making reading enjoyable. Books, across various genres, are essential tools that illuminate the path towards achieving our goals. They offer readers an infinite wealth of knowledge, allowing them to savour the delicacy of literature and broaden their understanding of the world.


Authors, often referred to as literary creators, infuse their heartfelt emotions into their works, drawing inspi­ration from the vast array of literature they have read. It is this depth of experience that enables them to create masterpieces. These books, therefore, serve as invaluable resources for the next gener­ations, expanding their hori­zons and enriching society as a whole.


Recognizing the connec­tion between creative works and their creators is crucial for the betterment of society. It is essential for everyone to acknowledge and credit these creator authors for their mas­terpieces in literary works. Furthermore, it is important to respect the copyrights of these literary works, as they originate from the hearts and minds of those creator authors.


By honouring authors and respecting copyright laws, everybody not only ac­knowledges the effort and creativity invested in these works but also ensures that future generations can continue to benefit from them. Many global countries celebrate World Book and Copyright Day, aimed at promoting literacy, fostering crea­tivity, and safeguarding the invaluable contributions of authors to collective cultural heritages of relevant countries.


In fact, books are special ladders for new generations to climb the upstairs of society. Only when they can climb upstairs can they step up more layers by applying incredible knowledge obtained from books they have read in their childhood. As books and copyrights will play a crucial role in all eras, all readers and people have to pay back gratitude to the creators while improving the literary realm and copyright process in order to create more and more masterpieces of literary works for society.