Priority must be given to paddy cultivation so as to increase per-acre yield: Senior General

August 10


A coordination meeting on undertakings of the Union government continued for the second day at the office of the State Administration Council Chairman yesterday morning with an address by SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.


Chief ministers of regions and states and chairpersons of the Self-Administered Zones reported on the progress of administration, security, the rule of law, social, economic, education, health, agriculture and livestock and development affairs in respective regions and states including the Self-Administered Zones, and Union ministers on the implementation of missions and visions, work progress, future plans, international cooperation, and undertakings for the economic development of the State and restoration of peace and stability.


In his response to the presentations, the Senior General said that local food sufficiency is crucial in regions and states, stressing that priority must be given to paddy cultivation so as to increase per-acre yield. It is necessary to encourage the manufacturing of products based on agriculture and livestock farms. As the Ministry of Planning and Finance set up a separate fund of K400 billion allotted from the National Natural Disaster Management Fund for the economic development of the nation, the government will arrange to spend the fund on the supply of fertilizers, quality seeds of crops and fuel for the farmers for the cultivation of summer paddy and green gram this year on the first priority.


The Senior General stressed the need to export rice and green gram from these farmlands under the leadership of the government. Depending on the yield of paddy and beans, farmers will have a chance to gain proper benefits. As such, as farmers do not need to spend any monetary investment, their socio-economic life will improve. Later, the Senior General gave necessary guidance before ending the meeting. — MNA