The price of pigeon peas up while green gram price down

The price of pigeon peas (also known as red gram, tur) increased by K175,000 per tonne and green gram price fell by K95,625 per tonne on 30 August alone compared to recent prices.


The prices of pigeon peas hit K3.5 million per tonne on 22-25 August and K3.45 million per tonne on 26-28 August. The prices stood at K3.5 million per tonne before surging to K3.675 million per tonne on 30 August.


The price of green gram produced in Pakokku stood at K3,580-3,670 per viss on 21 Au­gust and fell to K3,000-3,085 on 28-29 August and K2,830- 2,920 on August 30.


However, the price of green gram(yellow) between August 10 and 30 remained unchanged and stood at K3,500 per viss. The price of black gram (RC) stood at 2.427 million per tonne on 28 August and surged to K2.491 million per tonne on 30 Au­gust. The price of black gram (RC) rising to K2.497 million per tonne on 19 August has been recorded as the highest price of its kind in the Yangon market.


The rising price of pulse and bean brings remarkable benefit to farmers and the acres of cultivation is also reported to be higher than in previous years. — TWA/TH