Press release on statement of UN Under-SecretaryGeneral for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths

January 2


IT is learnt that the UN UnderSecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths released a statement containing five points on 26 December 2021 regarding the causalities of civilians near Moso Village of Prusho Township of Kayah State occurred on 24 December 2021.


The statement said at least 35 civilians have been killed including a child, and two workers from the Save the Children remained missing after their vehicles were attacked and burned in the incident. He condemned the grievous incident and all attacks against civilians throughout the country. He called upon the authorities to immediately commence a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident so that perpetrators can be swiftly brought to justice. He also called for Myanmar Tatmadaw and all armed groups in Myanmar to take all measures in order to protect civilians from harm.


Since Tatmadaw temporarily took over the State responsibilities under the 2008 Constitution on 1 February 2021, it adopted the least force to systematically control the protest crowds, armed attacks and violent incidents in line with the existing law and international norms. During its assumption of the State power, the State Administration Council has laid down the five-point roadmap and nine objectives for the stability of the State, the rule of law and community peace.


When the SAC makes efforts with specific aims and ambitions, the terrorist groups CRPH and NUG announced D-Day on 7 September 2021 to launch terrorist attacks across the nation along with some ethnic armed organizations and their subordinates PDF terrorists.


After their announcement, the terrorist groups accelerated their attacks on security forces in some places of Kayin, Kayah and Chin states, Sagaing and Yangon regions and they especially killed unarmed civilians and government employees, including the ones who do not support them under the name of informants, took the valuable things by forces, committed arson attacks on buildings and properties and threatened to support them. The cases expressed in the statement of UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths occurred as follows: - On the morning of 24 December, the security members of Kayah State arrived near Moso Village of Prusho Township.


When they stopped seven vehicles for security inspection but they did not stop their cars and shot them using small firearms, and ran away. Then, about 10 terrorists who were waiting on the hills of the village attacked with RPG, 40mm launcher and other arms. Therefore, security forces inevitably counter-attacked them. In the incident, KNPP and PDF terrorists, including newcomers for explosive training, were arrested dead together with one M-16, one point-22, three percussion lock firearms, seven grenades, 25 M-16 bullets, two magazines, guerilla uniforms and other related materials. The seven vehicles carrying petrol, diesel and foodstuffs collected from the villages by force for the terrorist groups were burnt.


That terrorist group also attacked the passenger flight with rockets at Loikaw airport on the same day and they ran away in their normal suits, according to the residents. The news has also announced via the State-run media channels and newspapers on 24 December 2021.


After CRPH and NUG terrorist groups declared D-Day, numerous attacks, including this incident, targeting civilians occurred in some regions of the country.


Terrorist groups colluded with unscrupulous media outlets and journalists that do not want peace and stability in the country and the plot was drawn up based on their whims and fancies to occur such misleading comments. It is here announced that the security forces strictly follow the rule of engagement-ROE and serve duties not to harm the people according to the international conventions. — MNA