Plan to produce pulp and paper made of straw

The Ministry of Industry and the Myanmar Pulp and Paper Industrial Association will co­operate with each other in pro­ducing pulp and paper to meet the local demand, according to the Ministry of Industry.


Plans are underway to pro­duce advanced paper from pulp made of straw, which is a byprod­uct of the paddy plant, and the co­operation will be raised to manu­facture machinery for production of pulp and paper at home.


Therefore, arrangements are being made to build small-scale factories with a small amount of investment and to create jobs for the local people. Currently, the Ministry of Industry will continue to develop only heavy industries, while small-scale industries will be transferred to private indus­tries for further development.


In Myanmar, paper produc­tion was carried out at Sittoung paper mill, Yeni paper mill and Thabaung paper mill. The news­print factory (Thabaung), which has been suspended for various reasons, was put into service again in August 2023, and the Sit­toung paper mill was dissolved due to old age. — ASH/TKO