Palin River View Elephant Camp attracts thousands during Thingyan festival

During the Thingyan water festival, approximately 4,000 holidaymakers visited the Palin River View Elephant Camp in NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region.


Situated near Palin Village on the Myingyan-Pakokku Road in NyaungU Township, the camp offers stunning views of the Ay­eyawady River. Travellers on their way to the Bagan Cultural Heritage Zone often make a stop at the camp to observe elephants, feed them, ride them, or explore the elephant anatomy museum.


The camp boasts various attractions, including a scenic bridge, playground, and elephant bathing facilities. The traditional long-legged houses also offer ex­cellent sightseeing opportunities.


Of the visitors during Thing­yan, 1,320 were either clergy members or children under the age of ten who could enjoy the camp's attractions free of charge. — Dipa Lin/NT