Pagodas, including Shwedagon, teem with pilgrims on Tazaungmone Full Moon Day

As the full moon day of Tazaung­mone (Samañaphala Day) is one of the significant days for Bud­dhists, people hold the Tazaung­dine festival and lighting festival as part of preserving the Myan­mar cultural traditions.


The pagoda board of trus­tees of Shwedagon Pagoda cele­brated Samañaphala Day of 1385 ME at the designated places of the pagoda.


At the ceremony, Yangon Re­gion Chief Minister U Soe Thein, relevant officials and members of religious organizations donated offerings to the Shwedagon pago­da, Kathina Golden Lotus Robe to Padamya Myat Shin and four Buddha Images of four prayer halls.


They also took nine pre­cepts from Shwedagon pagoda Ovadacariya Sayadaw Yangon Region Sangha Nayaka Com­mittee Chairman and donated alms food to Sayadaws.


Similarly, the 39th lotus robe offering ceremony was also or­ganized at Botahtaung pagoda while the 23rd lotus Robe offer­ing ceremony at Thiri Mingala Kaba Aye pagoda on the same morning.


Moreover, boards of trus­tees of famous pagodas in Yan­gon Region offered alms meals, flowers, water, candles and fruits to pagodas and held Samañaph­ala Day ceremonies and Paritta reciting ceremonies.


Additionally, lighting festi­vals were also held in wards and streets, and places were crowd­ed with people for funfairs and Kathina festivals. The significant places were also decorated with colourful light bulbs. — Ko Ko Zaw/KTZH