One bag of rice per household to be sold at lower price

One bag of rice per household will be sold at a low price, according to the Myanmar Rice Federation.
They sell rice at Rice Warehouse (Wadan), Wadan Seikkan from 9 am to 3:30 pm starting from 3 August.
“It is more convenient for the people as the rice will be sold at the rate of K77,000 per bag. Not only Pawsan Rice but also other rice will be sold at a lower price, so it is more convenient,” said Daw Wah Wah Myo, a residence of Hlaing Township.
“Brokers want to play the market at such a cheap price, so officials need to check and take action against greedy people. “We want to know the selling days and the number of bags to be sold per day. We want token system, and Queue system for purchasing,” she added.
Daw Wah Wah Myo continued that she wants officials to supervise so that people can buy in a disciplined manner.
The prices now are lower than the external retail price, said Ko Aung San Tint from Lanmadaw Township.
The Myanmar Rice Federation sells one bag of Ayeyawady Pawsan at a rate of K52,000 to K55,000, a bag of Kyapyan rice for K55,000 to K60,000, Shwebo Pawsan for K75,000 to K77,000, and 90-day rice for K35,000 to K37,000.
It is reported that Myanmar Rice Federation is selling the joint stock with Myanmar Rice Traders Association, Myanmar Rice Millers’ Association, Myanmar Rice Growers Association, Rice Commodity Depot (Wadan), and Rice Commodity Depot (Bayintnaung).— TWA/GNLM