Old Moehtaung chilli pepper sold at losses upon new season approaching

The price of old Pyawbwe Moe­htaung chilli peppers is priced at K14,500/K15,000 per viss re­cently in the Bayintnaung chilli market, a grocer told The Glob­al New Light of Myanmar daily (GNLM).


The 2023 new Pyawbwe Moehtaung chilli is likely to enter the Bayintnaung mar­ket soon and the old 2022 Moe­htaung chilli is sold at losses.


On 3 August, the new Moehtaung chilli peppers from Thedaw were priced at K15,000/K15,500 per viss at Bayintnaung market.


The 2022 Pyawbwe Moe­htaung chilli pepper was kept in cold storage after buying at K16,000 per viss in August 2022.


The fee for cold storage was K75 per viss and it cost about K1,000 per viss includ­ing storage fees, transporta­tion charges, withdrawal and labour charges.


When compared to the market price for cold storage and current resell prices, it shows a loss of K2,000 per viss and there will be a K40,000 loss per bag of 20 visses of Pyawbwe monsoon chilli.


The trader who keeps the products in cold storage possesses thousands of bags and they resell in the market recently. Therefore, they have only some hundreds of bags in hand, according to the Bay­intnaung chilli market.


When new stocks of Pyawbwe Moehtaung chil­li pepper enter the market, the Shan chilli pepper and Busoh bell peppers are also likely to enter the market in November, purchaser Ko Po Htaung told the GNLM. — TWA/KTZH