Number and name more than 800 islands in Taninthayi Region

Fascinated picturesque views off and inshore of Myanmar coastal areas are attractive to local and foreign travellers. Hence, it is necessary to efficiently utilize these picturesque views in resurging the tourism industry of the country.


More than 800 islands small and large are mushrooming in the Myanmar water territory off and inshore of the Taninthayi Region coast. Most of these islands are virgin without any visits from homegrown and international travellers. Hence, these virgin islands do not face any disturbances of animals and humans at any time.


Currently, the Taninthayi Region government has adopted a plan to number and name these islands as part of protecting the Taninthayi coastal area as well as the Myanmar water territory. To do so, the regional work committee was formed for implementing seven objectives to number the islands whether they have been named or not, among other islands along the coastal area of the Taninthayi Region. But, the process of numbering and naming must meet international standards.


Systematic counting of the number of islands and locations at the sea of Taninthayi coastal area will help safeguard the sea territory and coastal area meeting international stand­ards, and if some disputes hap­pen, we can rebut the disputes clearly.


More than 800 islands scatter in the sea offshore the Taninthayi Region, attracting local and foreign travellers to take relaxation. So, relevant authorities need to create charming tourist destinations for local and foreign travellers so that incomes can be earned as well as job opportunities can be created for local people. Hence, the authorities have to systematically verify the lo­cations and number of those islands.


Some of the more than 800 islands are famous in the tourism arena. These islands have been facilitated to accom­modate visitors who wish to enjoy the scenic beauties of the Myanmar sea and natural re­sources. In this regard, publi­cations featuring the sceneries of Myanmar’s coastal area and panoramic views of islands and water creatures as well as servic­es on how to give transportation and food supplies to travellers to these islands should be distributed to local and international travellers as part of advertising these locations and catching the attention of travellers.


There remain uncountable numbers of tourist attractive sites across the nation. Hence, relevant authorities and local people need to expose these fascinating tourist destinations based on various kinds of tourism services such as ecotourism, community-based tourism and so on in order to enhance Myanmar’s tourism indus­try while uplifting the socio-economic status of the local people.