Live in unity, prevent disintegration of the Union

6 January

OUR national people sacrificed their lives for years in their bid to gain independence. With the concerted effort, valor, zeal and enthusiasm of the entire Myanmar people, and under the leadership of our national leader, BogyokeAung San, independence was achieved.

For the independence which our national leaders and forefathers achieved with great risks, to survive till the end of our world, we must defend it in unity and hand in hand with each other. It is incumbent upon all citizens to safeguard our independence and to ensure that the country develops into a peaceful and modern nation.

At a time when the country celebrates Independence Day, those who served the country and at the risk of their lives are honoured every year.

Honouring the honorables is in accord with MingalaSutta. Two Lieutenant-Colonels were posthumously honoured by President U Win Myint in Nay Pyi Taw on Independence Day on 4th January, receiving the “Thura” title for their extraordinary contributions to the country and the people.

In building the nation into a peaceful and modern Federal DemocraticUnion, it is a great virtue to honour those who are well worth honouring for their extraordinary contributions, remarkably more than others, for the security of the nation, rule of law, peace and stability of the area and nation-building sectors. For those who cannot accept the titles in person, it will be an honour forever remembered in posterity.

At the same time, we would like to express our deep respect and honour to those who sacrificed their lives while guarding against the dangers facing the country.

Among those who were honoured with bravery titles by the State in the past, there were many ethnic service personnel. They were found in the battles to be joining hands with others to protect the sovereignty of our country. They have no racial thoughts and are serving to guarantee the perpetual existence of the Union. They most hope for peace. We must live in unity and prevent the disintegration of the Union.

It is the duty and responsibility of us, all the citizens, to abide by and implement, with all ethnic nationals, the aims of the 71st Independence Day National Objectives and, at the same time, make our country modern, developed, peaceful and stable. We would like to urge all to safeguard the independence and sovereignty of the State, without harboring racial and religious prejudices and hatred in our minds, and pass along good examples for future generations.