New Year wishes from artists for 2021

1 January

One year has passed. The old year is over, and the new year is 2021. Welcoming the year 2021, here is a collection of New Year wishes, including words of encouragement from the artists to get through the best in the new year, based on the events happened in the year 2020.

Academy award winner Yan Aung

In the 2021 New Year, I wish we all be free from the filth and diseases of the old year and a safe and prosperous New Year with a new mind and a new spirit. During the suffering COVID-19 period, all human beings are struggling and trying to face it. All of this is a new experience for us. With that in mind, let’s get through a new life by protection, prevention and living a new lifestyle. I urge you all to be strong.

Director Kyi Phyu Shin

I wish all the people from Myanmar and all around the world can welcome the New Year with good health. I want the global COVID-19 pandemic to end as soon as possible. The disease affects everyone’s health, well-being and the economy. Therefore, I wish all of you to be free from this catastrophe and to be healthy, happy and prosperous. The main thing is that if this terrible disease is cured, I believe there will be an economic and social improvement.

Zen Kyi

With half a smile without giving up

I was able to get out… What a beautiful number

But it’s very different in reality

Bye Bye, 2020

But… 2020,

Practical training of impermanence. And What really matters in life…

2021 with the weapon of love received in 2020. Let’s go through the best…

I wish 2021 would be the opposite year of 2020 for all.

Director Christina Kyi

While the COVID-19 pandemic is stuck in the world for a long time, I avoided as much of a stressful situation as possible by doing physical activity, eating fruits and vegetables that reduce stress, reading inspirational books, spending time with my loving family and doing research to improve my career and waiting for the pandemic to leave the world.

May all be strong and free from the pandemic as soon as possible and may you have a prosperous, happy and disease-free life.

Director Na Gyi

In the new year 2021, I pray for the speedy implementation of a new rating system that we have never had before and a genuine democracy as soon as possible.

Academy award winner Paing Phyo Thu

In the new year, I wish all the people of Myanmar good health physically and mentally.


In the new year, I wish we all have new hopes, new dreams, a world with new joys.

Kyaw Su

In the New Year, I wish all human beings free from all diseases and Happy New Year. We all have to go through the same period during COVID-19, so I would like to tell you not to get discouraged, but to live with a healthy lifestyle and protect yourself.

Yan Yan Chen

Starting from the new year, I pray all the people will have better health and prosperity, and all businesses will prosper beyond normal. I believe that now all human beings can overcome COVID-19 disease.

Aung Htet

At the New Year, I wish all Myanmar people are happy, healthy and free from diseases. I wish we all are free from the current COVID-19 disease and all families are happy and healthy.

Phyo Pyae Sone

In the new year 2021, I wish you all good health. May you have more success and happiness in the future. In the year 2020, We had to go through sadness and harmful things.

From there, in 2021, we will bring back the good from the bad. I also pray for better health, and what to prepare with maturity and experiences we have had.

I want you to think about how we can get through our days in life with COVID-19 rather than the COVID-19 vaccines. Another thing is that nothing is permanent in the world. So what is happening now will pass at some point. As good things will come and so I urge you to move on with this belief.

Eaint Chit

In the year 2021, I wish all the audience good health and prosperity. I wish we can get rid of the COVID-19 disease as soon as possible and I also wish all the families have happy minds.

Gone Ye Aye Kyaw

In the coming new year, may all Myanmar people and all the people of the world be free from all diseases, economic crises and have healthy and prosperous days.


In the new year, I wish we all have new minds and new successes. During the COVID-19 period, don’t get depressed but live a healthy lifestyle to keep your spirits up.

I would like to encourage you all to strive to be healthy and the strong people who are able to achieve many of your dreams once the pandemic is over.

May La Than Zin

I wish every family will be healthy and work again, starting from the new year 2021. I am now living a healthy lifestyle with care. We do not know how far this COVID-19 will last, so whatever you do, I would like to urge you to take care of you in whatever you do by following the instructions, wearing masks and washing your hands.


Comedian Tain Nyut

I wish all art lovers and citizens full of joys starting from the beginning of the New Year. I also wish you all good economic and social prosperity and free from the pandemic.

Comedian Pann Thee (Thee Lay Thee)

Starting from the New Year, may all citizens be free from the COVID-19 disease and have a happy life. May all families be happy and healthy. May the peace that all the people have been waiting for during the second term of the government be achieved as soon as possible. I pray that the government and the people will work together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic more successfully.

Comedian Oak Aww

May the world free from the global COVID-19 virus as soon as possible. From the time of the New Year, I wish all citizens May have a good economy, health and social life and free from the disease. May all the people be successful in 2021 and work for the development of the country.

Artist Sin Ma

In 2021, may all the ethnic brothers and sisters living in the country have peace of mind and be in good health and free from the COVID-19 disease. Please protect the disease starting from ourselves.

Roads for the development of our country are appearing. Each of us is responsible for making our country, nationality and the next generation prosper. Let all the people cooperate. I would like to encourage to be strong, and I wish we all start the economy and social works with a new mind, new spirit beginning from the New Year.

Interviewer Zaw Gyi

(Translated by EPPA)