Myaung grows over 1,000 acres of winter peanuts this year

February 23,2022

THE local farmers from Myaung township, Sagaing region cultivated more than 1,000 acres of winter peanuts this year than last year, according to the Myaung Township Agriculture Department. 

“Myaung township mainly grows two species of edible oil peanuts. We sow seeds nine inches apart in a row, with four inches between stems. This year, we have cultivated over 18,000 acres of winter peanuts, an increase of over 1,000 acres more this year than last year,” said the head of the Myaung Township Agriculture Department. 

In the last 2020-21FY, Myaung township cultivated 17,452 acres of winter peanuts during the winter crop season. This 2021-22FY, the township grew about 18,591 acres of winter peanuts, recording a rise of 1,139 acres of peanuts when compared to that of last year, it is leant. 

Myaung township successfully cultivated only two kinds of peanuts species. The traditional peanuts oil mills are also earning income in Myaung township. Peanut is one of the top oilseed crops grown in Myanmar and it is rich in essential nutrients. Peanuts seed contains about 40 to 45 per cent of oil and 25 per cent of protein. — Lu Lay/ GNLM