Myanmar-Thailand border trade crosses US$390 mln in April 2023-2024

May 11


MYANMAR’S border trade with the neighbouring country, Thailand, totalled US$393.233 million in April during the current financial year 2023-2024.


The figures surged from $329.046 million recorded in the year-ago period, showing a significant increase of $64.187 million.


Myanmar carries out cross-border trade with Thailand via Tachilek, Myawady, Kawthoung, Myeik, Hteekhee and Mawtaung borders. Among them, the Hteekhee border performed the largest trade worth $273.366 million last month.


The trade values stood at $97.113 million at Myawady border post, $12.986 million at Tachilek, $7.189 million at Myeik, $2.491 million at Kawthoung and $0.088 million at Mawtaung.


Myanmar conducts border trade with the neighbouring countries China, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. It exports agricultural products, livestock products, fisheries, minerals, forest products, finished industrial goods and other goods, while it brings in capital goods, intermediate goods, consumer goods and raw materials by the CMP enterprises.


Thailand’s demand for Myanmar’s kitchen groceries (onion, rice powder, chilli pepper) has risen as it resumed the tourism businesses in the post-COVID period and the restaurants and food businesses widely used them.


Fishery products are directly sent to Bangkok, Thailand through Maesot. The fast and fresh delivery service is the priority. There is a timely transport arrangement for perishable green items like onions, chilli pepper and cabbage at the border.


The cloth roll, construction materials, industrial raw materials, pharmaceuticals, motorcycle parts, footwear, clothes, fruits, food products, cosmetics, gas, lubricants, household goods, feedstuff, bicycles, stationery, auto parts, tiles, feedstuff, fertilizer and electronic devices are imported. — NN/EM