Myanmar Seintalone mango fetches good price in China

May 6


THE export price of Myanmar’s Seintalone mango to China this year inched higher than that of last year, according to U Kyaw Soe Naing, general secretary of Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association (Mandalay).


At present, export to China is on a trial run. After the goods pass COVID tests at the Muse 105th-Mile Post, mangoes are delivered to China. The mango prices touched a high of 130-140 Yuan per 16-kg basket this year, which rose from 80- 100 Yuan recorded last year.


“Myanmar started to export mango to China. Sanitizing fruits harmed quality in the first batch. As a result, only the COVID test will be run later. Only two to three trucks are daily conveyed to China for now. China’s market will come to a halt once the virus is detected on the truck. Chinese buyers come to the Muse 105thMile Post and set the price.


They offer a high price this year. A basket of 16-kg mango fetches over K50,000,” he elaborated.


If the virus is not detected, the market is likely to raise its head. Negotiations with China’s counterparts are still undertaken to facilitate the trade. In addition to the Seintalone variety, Maethi, Shwehinthar, Padamyar Ngamauk, and Yinkwe varieties will also be sent to China.


The weather condition wreaked havoc on the yield this year, yet the price is pretty good. — Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/ GNLM