Myanmar, S Korea vow to boost forestry development efforts

Myanmar and South Korea agreed to enhance cooperation in the development of the for­estry sector, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Myanmar Ambassador to South Korea U Thant Sin said so during his remark at the International Day of Forests 2024 event held at the National Institute of Forest Science in Seoul on 21 March.


He recognized the collab­oration between the Korean Forest Service and the Asian Forest Cooperation Organiza­tion (AFoCO) for the conser­vation of Korean forests. The ambassador reaffirmed My­anmar’s commitment to for­estry development through a bilateral initiative, the Regional Education and Training Centre under the AFoCO.


As a member of AFoCO, Myanmar pledged to follow the UN and AFoCO’s directives for the development of the forestry sector.


The International Day of Forests 2024 saw the attend­ance of ambassadors from AFo­CO member countries as well as many distinguished guests, including Korea Forest Service Minister Mr Nam Sung-hyun and Deputy Minister Ms Kim Hyo-Eun, who delivered their opening remarks. — ASH/NT