Myanmar earns over $242 mln from various pulses export from October to mid-December

December 30, 2021

Myanmar exported US$ 242.467 million worth of 291,229 tonnes of various pulses from 1 October to 17 December in the current mini-budget period (October 2021-March 2022), according to the Ministry of Commerce.

During the period, 275,752.333 tonnes of various beans and pulses worth $229.955 million were exported via maritime trade routes and 15,477.517 tonnes worth $14.521 million via border trade routes.

During the FY2020-2021 ended 30 September, the export value of beans and pulses amounted to over $1.57 billion, the ministry reported.

The Indian government signed a memorandum of understanding with Myanmar to import 250,000 tonnes of mung bean and 100,000 tonnes of pigeon pea through the private sector from 2021-2022 to 2025-2026.

During the FY2019-2020, the country delivered 1.6 million tonnes with an estimated value of $1.195 billion, the ministry’s data showed.

There are more than 11 million acres of plantations of beans and pulses. The black bean plantations are yielding around 400,000 tonnes annually in Myanmar. Besides, Myanmar has also produced about 50,000 tonnes of pigeon peas yearly.

The black bean, which is mainly bought from India, is mainly grown in Myanmar. Other pulses, including green gram and pigeon pea, are grown in Africa and Australia in addition to Myanmar, according to Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association. — Aye Maung/GNLM