Myanmar daily conveys seafood from Taninthayi Region to Thailand

Myanmar daily delivers clam, mollusc, snail and scor­pion prawns produced by the Taninthayi Region to Thailand, according to the Ministry of Commerce. Seafood is pop­ular in Thailand and it plays a major role in Thai cuisine. Tourists visiting Thailand also enjoy seafood. Therefore, the demand for popular Myanmar Shak (aka) clam, mollusc, snail and scorpion prawns is on the rise.


Myanmar sends over ten four-wheel truckloads of clams from Taninthayi to Thailand through the Mawtaung border and it fetches 91.94 Thai Baht per kilogramme.


The clams are offered at a high price among the seafood. It is easy to digest. People en­joy clams by boiling, cooking or roasting them.


Additionally, snails are also a popular food among seafood in the Myeik area, Taninthayi Region. People cook sea snails in different cuisines including one with coconut milk.


The snails are priced at 2.5 Thai Baht per kg. Approximate­ly 300-500 kg of snails is daily de­livered to Thailand through the Mawtaung border with three to five trucks.


Furthermore, king prawn is highly demanded. The pre­vailing price of king prawns is 1,121.85 Thai Baht per kg. About 500 to 1,000 kilogrammes of scorpion prawns are export­ed to Thailand with eight to 12 four-wheel trucks every day. —NN/GNLM