MR to make trial run with new trains on Peinzalok-Tawkywein new track

January 20,2022

A new train will be tested to run at 100 kilometres per hour on the new railway from Peinzalok in Nyaunglebin Township to Tawkywein in Kyaukdaga Township on 24 January 2022. 

Once the test run is complete, the high-speed trains will run on the new track, and the Myanma Railways has issued a notification for the people who are living along the railway line and the people passing by the railway tracks to be careful not to cause any unwanted acci- dents, not to illegally drive or pass through the railways, and to pay attention to the warning signs and signals of the authorities. 

The Yangon-Mandalay Railway Upgrading Project is being carried out in two parts with the JICA’s Official Development Assistance loan. The first part, which is from Nyaunglebin to Toungoo, started in November 2018 and will be completed in November 2022. After the project is completed, it will take only three hours from Yangon to Toungoo and 8 hours to Mandalay, saving time for travellers, as well as providing the fast flow of goods, which will inevitably benefit the local development.— Khin Ko (Kyaukdaga)/GNLM