Mountain ecosystem, forest conservation guarantee watershed area of Ayeyawady

The world countries, including Myanmar, face natural disasters caused by climate change year by year. Meanwhile, Myanmar con­serves the ice-capped mountain ecosystem and forest, aiming to preserve the watershed area of the Ayeyawady River, according to Khakaborazi Wildlife Sanctu­ary.


“The Khakaborazi Wildlife Sanctuary boasts icy mountains, 43 types of rare wild animals and mammals, and about 470 bird species. There are also 297 spe­cies of plants and 24 rare herbal plants. It is also home to Takin, Red panda, Moschus moschif­erous and Bharal (blue sheep). It is because of the existence of icy mountains and forests. In summer, these mountains melt as a sign of climate change. The global warming causes climate change, and the people should notice that they are facing more natural disasters, “ said Daw L Kay Si Yoon, Warden of Khakab­orazi National Park.


Conservation of land eco­systems, forests and coastal ecosystems can guarantee fine weather. The Phonkanrazi Moun­tain shares a border with India, whereas the Khakaborazi Na­tional Park is with China. There­fore, Myanmar’s icy mountain areas are located between two large countries, and they grab the opportunities to cooperate to de­velop the tourism industry, offer ice climbing trips, and promote environmental conservation.


“Myanmar has icy moun­tains, forests, and coastal re­gions, so if we conserve the icy mountain ecosystem and forest, we can preserve the whole wa­tershed area of the Ayeyawady River and ensure its sustainabil­ity. If there are no ice mountains and forests, the water resources will dry up gradually. The govern­ment alone cannot make efforts to promote the sustainability of conservation areas. All should work together. New generations will get the benefits of conserva­tion. Therefore, if the mountain ecosystem and forest are sustain­able and the coastal regions are green, in the northernmost part of Myanmar, the natural beauty of Myanmar can be seen obviously and regain the fine weather,” she added.


The Khakaborazi National Park in the northernmost part of Myanmar boasts biodiversity and is a central watershed area of the Ayeyawady River. The Khakabo­razi mountain is over 19,296 feet in height, and the park occupies an area of 942,080 acres. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH