Monsoon onion prices fall in Yangon, regional markets

Warehouses in onion-pro­ducing regions – Magway, Sagaing and Mandalay – set the price for new monsoon onions at the highest rate of only K1,500 per viss on 29 January, accord­ing to the price list in Pakokku and Myingyan onion depots.


On the same day, 52,200 visses of onion arrived at the Pakokku depot. Onions from Myittha, Seikphyu, Yaw and Taungtha areas were priced at the highest rate of K1,450, K1,500, K1,525 and K1,450 per viss respectively.


A total of 42,830 visses of onion entered the market on 30 January, with the highest pric­ing of K1,500 per viss. In the Mandalay market, onion from the Myittha area fetched the top price of K1,900 per viss. It is reported that the sale of large sizes has been dull.


The wholesale prices per viss of onion were recorded as K1,550-K1,700 for Seikphyu on­ion, K1,550-K1,650 for Myingyan onion, K1,800-K2,100 for Myit­tha onion and K1,450-K1,500 for Meiktila onion, Ko Aung Win, a buyer, told the GNLM.


Since mid-2022, monsoon onions have been planted ear­lier due to the high price of onions. Thus, onions entered the markets early and dealers earned double the price than usual. On 8 December 2022, Myingyan and Myittha onions got the record price of K4,400 and K4,800 per viss respectively. The price fell to the average price of K2,600 per viss at the end of December and K1,650 per viss at the end of January 2023. Likewise, the highest wholesale price per viss stood at K3,500 in early December and dropped down to K1,500 at the end of January in regional markets.


It is known from the old price lists that the Seikphyu onion was valued at K225-650 per viss and the Myittha onion at K500-K975 per viss, on 29 Jan­uary 2022. — TWA/CT