MoC grants temporary relaxation of licence requirements for anti-Covid-19 devices

29 July


THE Ministry of Commerce allows temporary relaxation of licence requirements for anti-Covid-19 equipment and products during the public holidays.


The Department of Commerce (Head Office) Import and Export Division and the Export-Import Office (Yangon) are now accepting applications for import and export licences from 26 July to 1 August.


Export licences from 26 to 28 July, including US$456 million worth of 56 import licences for drugs and medical supplies, 277 import licences including US$6 million and US$318 million, respectively, have been approved.


The relevant departmental officials are also working together to facilitate the importation processes in line with the SOP


A total of 3,063 oxygen concentrators and 15,250 test kits arrived at Yangon International Airport yesterday. A bowser carrying 20 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 29 tonnes of liquid oxygen (cylinders), 3,302 home oxygen concentrators, and 22 tonnes of masks were also imported via Myawady, Chinshwehaw, Kawthoung and Tachilek trade camps on the same day. These materials were imported by 36 vehicles of 26 companies.


From 12 to 28 July, 631 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 494 tonnes of the liquid oxygen tank, 106 tonnes of oxygen gas, 44,684 home oxygen concentrators, 275,778 test kits, 797 tonnes of masks, five oxygen plants and nine oxygen generators were allowed to be imported by 549 vehicles, while officials are now giving priority to disease control of Covid-19. The Trade Department also operates as usual for online registration for import licences during long public holidays from 26 July and 28 August.


The Ministry of Commerce is also cooperating with the ministry concerned to import the medical supplies. It also releases contact persons of relevant departments and its website address -- for people to know updated news. — MNA