MNA starts Yangon- Nanning-Yangon cargo transport flight

Myanmar National Airlines launched its Yangon-Nan­ning-Yangon Cargo Flight from Yangon International Airport at 12:15 pm yesterday.


A Boeing 737-800 Freight­er was operated on the Yan­gon-Nanning trip yesterday as a cargo flight, carrying 16 tonnes of aquatic products such as crabs and eels.


Yangon-Nanning-Yangon cargo flights will be operated three times a week on Tues­days, Thursdays and Satur­days.


The Boeing 737-800 Freight­er aircraft arrived in Myanmar on 24 January this year, and Myanmar National Airlines has announced that it is op­erating Yangon-Kunming-Yan­gon, Yangon-Bangkok-Yangon, Yangon-Singapore-Yangon and Yangon-Mansi-Yangon cargo trips. — Lin Yama/KZL