May sees improvement in seafood market

With rising orders and the num­ber of seafood restaurants being enlarged, seafood trading has been better in May.


These years, eating seafood has become popular among peo­ple due to food bloggers both externally and internally, and the number of seafood restaurants has also begun increasing.


“The seafood market has potential. Prices vary on a daily basis. Recently, the number of seafood restaurants has swol­len. There are three different varieties of seafood: freshwater prawn, tiger prawn, seabass, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, and green mussels. We also deliver to other regions and states. The seafood market was better in May. Orders have also risen,” said Ma Khine Moe Thet, owner of a seafood trading at Than Zay in Lanmadaw township.


She also said that the sea­food market will continue to be better in the coming monsoon season.


“Generally, the trading is slow in monsoon season, but seafood sales are regular. The overall sales are likely to de­crease in the monsoon. Howev­er, the number of bars, hotpot shops and restaurants has been increasing, so seafood sales will continue to be high. The seafood market was also good last year. Seafood sale is regularly good,” she said. — Thit Taw/ZS