Manageable-scale sheep and goat farming increases Pwintbyu locals’ income

May 19


THE manageable-scale sheep and goat farming increases the income of residents as they fetch good prices in selling in Pwintbyu Township of Magway Region, according to farmers from Lalphila village of Kanthagyi village-tract in Pwintbyu Township.


The sheep and goats can be tended in the fields or the yards at the low-cost feed. They breed two at least per year and sometimes four.


“I have been breeding sheep and goats together with my agricultural work to increase our incomes for one year and a half. We can tend them in the field so it does not cost a lot for their feed. But we have to relocate the yards depending on weather conditions. The main point is that we can take them to the places where have plenty of food for them. They breed two lambs and one in their belly. Sometimes, they breed up to four. The government allows sheep and goats to trade in local or foreign markets and so we can operate the manageable scale sheep and goat farming with our agriculture work and it increases our incomes,” said breeder U Maung Lwin from Lalphila village of Pwintbyu Township. — Hlaing Win Lay (Pwintbyu Myay)/GNLM