Local cotton from Myothit still in trade regularly despite slightly gaining price

December 22


LOCAL people from Myothit township, Magway region has grown a total of 23,757 acres of cotton farmland this year. They have cultivated more 298 acres of cotton than their expected acreage.


Now, the cotton is being harvested and sold in the market, according to the Township Agriculture Department.


Most of the people are growing model long-staple cotton species such as Shwetaung 8, Shwetaung 10 and Ngwechi 9, Ngweche 11 and Ngwechi 6. But they primarily cultivate Shwetaung 8 cotton variety which is suitable for the region and having good yield.


Each acre of cotton farmland can yield about 600 visses. If we can provide more irrigated water, it can produce about 800 visses per acre. The cotton is started harvesting in September and sold them back in the market, it is learnt.


Last month, it was also the rainy season when the cotton plants were harvested. And the cotton was sold for K1,000 per viss because of the low moisture content. Now, the cotton prices are ranging between K1,500 and K1,600 per viss. The cotton is mostly conveyed to the Mandalay market, it is learnt. — Than Win Tun (IPRD)/GNLM