Lightning conductors to be installed at ancient buildings, temples and pagodas in Bagan

Plans are underway to install lightning conductors at eleven ancient buildings in the Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone, according to the Department of Archaeolo­gy and National Museum (Bagan Branch).


Buu Pagoda and Dham­marazika Pagoda were struck by lightning during the last rainy season. Due to these incidents, authorities have been holding discussions on installing light­ning conductors on eleven an­cient buildings to protect them from the natural disaster of lightning.


Currently, plans are being processed to install lightning conductors near ancient build­ings, temples, and pagodas in areas that can be struck by light­ning.


Last rainy season, 53 an­cient buildings experienced damage. The mural paintings and masonry art of 59 buildings were also damaged, and mainte­nance on those buildings is cur­rently underway. — TWA/TKO