Lettuce farmers earn extra incomes in Kyaukpadaung Township

July 22

Farmers in Kyauk Mauk Taung Sel Village, Kyaukpadaung Township, Mandalay Region, are earning extra incomes by growing a variety of lettuce, said U Tin Tun Aung, a farmer who grows lettuce in Laegwa Village.

“Villages around Kyauk Mauk Taung Sel are engaged in subsistence farming and grow vegetables for their livelihood. They grow a variety of lettuce that provide a quick source of income for the family. The lettuce is kind of fast-growing vegetables and reaches quicker in the domestic market.”

Lettuce cultivation is started with two feet wide and 15 feet long frame. After sowing, they need to be replanted. The lettuce plants germinate within three days of sowing and are harvested within 45 days”, lettuce farmer U Tin Tun Aung said.

Next, U Nang Tin, a villager in Mong Kone village, also explained that rural farmers should cultivate the easy-to-make-money lettuce salad, which is sold every three days.

“Lettuce plants sprout two to three buds at a time, once every two days. It is harvested and sold every three days. A bunch of lettuce leaves sells for fifty kyats”, U Nang Tin said.

“The Kyauk Mauk Taung Sel villagers grow Lettuce and cauliflowers. Fuecho, a kind of groundwater-grown Lettuce is popular for its quick growth to make a better profit.

“Lettuce is a plant that is easy to grow and quick to make money, so it should be grown by every rural farmer for their extra incomes,” U Nang Tin added. – Ko Htein-KPD/GNLM