Kidney bean price up by K7,000 per basket against last year

March 28


THE price of red kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) touched a high of K40,000 per basket in Monywa market, showing a significant increase of K7,000-K8,000 per basket compared to the same corresponding period last year.


“The red beans from Monywa market stood at K40,000 per 19-viss basket (a viss equals to 1.6kg). The quality red beans from Taze area fetch a good price of K41,500-K41,800 per basket. These days, the beans from Kalay and Gangaw townships do not enter Monywa market. There’s no steady inflow from those townships. Monywa markets see the maximum inflow of 500 bags per day,” said U Tin Ko Ko, Monywa Depot Information and Public Relations officer.


Additionally, the fried bean businesses are also filling the inventory. There is a steady demand from Mandalay and Pakokku cities. This being so, the price remains high, according to Sagaing Region Department of Consumer Affairs.


The number of kidney bean cultivation increased on alluvial soil along the Chindwin River this year, with the irrigation supply.


The cultivation costs K200,000 per acre. The yield is estimated 18 baskets per acre, reaping profits of K500,000 per acre.


The red beans are cultivated both in monsoon and winter seasons. The cultivation of the beans has been moved to alluvial soil since last four or five years to reap the high yield.—Lu Lay/ GNLM