Kampaiti border experiences surge in exports: Tissue-culture bananas, black sesame, and rubber in abundance

According to the Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar primarily shipped tissue-culture banan­as, black sesame and rubber to neighbouring China through the Kampaiti border.


Between 1 and 21 Novem­ber, the Kampaiti border wit­nessed exports of 7,992 tonnes of tissue-culture bananas worth US$2.767 million, 50 tonnes of black sesame worth $0.078 mil­lion and 34 tonnes of natural rub­ber worth $0.046 million.


Myanmar mostly brought iron sheets, iron pipes, artifi­cial grass, apples, tangerines, ceramic tiles and consumer goods. Imports of 180 tonnes of capital goods worth $0.356 mil­lion, 759 tonnes of intermediate goods worth $0.708 million and 389 tonnes of consumer goods worth $0.418 million were regis­tered then.


There is no freight forward­er service running in the Kam­paiti border. Companies trans­port with their trucks. There are no landslides or road blockag­es along the Kampaiti-Waing­maw-Myitkyina trade channel, and trucks are regularly seen flowing in and out of the Kam­paiti border post.


The Kampaiti border aims to achieve a trade target of $4.5 million in November, comprising exports worth $3 million and im­ports worth $1.5 million. About $4.386 million worth of trade was conducted at the Kampaiti border as of 21 November, ac­counting for 97.466 per cent of the trade target. — NN/EM