Growers expect better prices for onion


January 12,2022

THE growers from Kanyay village, Minbu (Sagu) township, Magway region cultivate onion in their farmland and they are expecting a better price in the harvested time. 

“A grower with 10 acres cost approximately K1 million for cultivation, including the cost of onion seeds. If the growers cultivate the nursery plant, it can be dug up and sold after three months. Each acre of onion farmland is yielded up to 5,000 visses. Nevertheless, the yielded are depending on the soil condition and the quality of the plants. The onion prices are unstable every year and the price is good when there is demand from foreign countries. Thus, the growers are cultivating the onion in the hope of getting a better price,” said Daw Mya Kyi, an onion grower from Kanyay village. 

Earlier, the onion was grown mostly in Shwetabin, Kyauktan, Yaymyat, Kanyay, Kontha and Sagu villages from Minbu (Sagu) township. Now, the growers are considering the onion plantation due to the rickety price of onion. 

The onions are primarily grown in Mandalay, Magway and Yangon regions, Nay Pyi Taw and Shan State. — Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM