Get ready to mitigate impacts of unexpected disasters

March and April have seen a significant rise in daytime temperatures, with expectations of further increases in May not only in Myanmar but across the world as part of the terrible impacts of El Nino. This intense heat can lead to the formation of clouds, potentially sparking climate change processes worldwide, including in Myanmar, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.


Following the department’s warning, various climatic conditions, including cumulonimbus clouds, have been observed across Myan­mar in the afternoon and evening. These conditions bring strong winds, thunderclaps, lightning, hailstones, and scattered rainfall.


During this period, some village tracts in certain townships in the Bago and Sagaing regions have been hit by strong winds and rainfall, resulting in damage to houses and lamp posts. As similar events may continue to occur, people across the nation need to make necessary prepara­tions for heavy rainfall and strong winds.


In the 2023-24 financial year, strong winds affected various parts of the nation over 650 times, destroying more than 21,700 houses. Therefore, relevant organizations must raise public awareness about untimely rainfall and strong winds to mitigate the impacts of climate change and repair damaged homes.


It is essential for people to collaborate with administrative officials and service person­nel from relevant ministries to prepare against natural dis­asters, especially the danger of squalls. Local authorities should organize volunteer youths to make collaborative efforts to lessen the impacts of unexpected natural disasters.


Before the onset of natural disasters, people must prepare their residences and buildings to withstand such events. After a disaster, they should clear debris such as fallen trees and branches, collapsed buildings, and blocked drains from their commu­nities. Additionally, damaged lamp posts, electric cables, and other infrastructure should be repaired promptly. Necessary healthcare services must be provided to injured persons without delay. More­over, assistance should be rendered to children, pregnant women, and older persons to minimize the impact of disasters on their lives.


Currently, relevant organizations are warning people to be prepared for various disasters this season. Therefore, people should monitor press releases from relevant organizations and ministries through state-owned media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and online platforms. They should actively participate in all preventive measures against disasters while adhering to health guidelines and other instructions issued by relevant ministries and organizations. This will help mitigate the loss and damage to life and property caused by unexpected disasters.