Funds of VRFP disbursed in Moukhae village, Minbu Township

Minbu 12 August


Disbursement of funds of village revolving fund project was conducted in Moukhae village, Minbu Township, Magway Region on August 11.


First, the officials from the Township Department of Rural Development met with responsible people of the project and members of the village committee and clarified the purpose of the project. Then the officials disbursed K 18.7 million to 39 people in agriculture business, K 1.5 million to 13 people in livestock breeding, K 0.8 million to two in trading business, according to the Township Department of Rural Development.


The project was conducted in the village starting from 2019-2020 FY and it is the third of its kind. 


Zin Mar
Translated by Suyee