The eve of Independence Day secenery

Thin Paw Win


On January 4, the Independence Day approaching gradually over time to Rangoon Yangon children celebrated the Independence Day ceremonies are also ready. More than 70 years ago by a foreign subsidiary bondage, after which the country's economy, social, All political sovereignty as long as the body ability to create their own can be managed. Through more than 10 years of independent life after independence  buy the freedom to enjoy the full taste of the Fairs held for years has been 71 years.


The essence of independence Arts


January 71-year period of 4 years at 4 hours, 20 minutes tomorrow morning to Yangon governor's office in the interim parliament (National Assembly), building on the flag pole in front of the British Union Jack putting the flag down national flag initiated by publishing the country's independence is now a 71-year report Has land. In order to show the essence of independence, which is free to live happily annual Independence Day, Christmas Fairs Sports competitions were held.


To be held now in Yangon Ban Du La park Yangon government lead (71) prepares for the anniversary. Celebrate the program, His guests will be invited to the Independence Day ceremony has started with plans to undermine everything. Ban Du La park Portal velvet background Sepia preparing the letter, signed by the cells. Portal on the left and right sides of the national hoist.


Preliminary preparations


(71) to attend the anniversary Independence day Yangon Region Heads of Government, Members of Parliament, Indigenous representatives, Political, Military chiefs, Level agencies, social, Movie theater representatives from the music industry, 88 generation leaders, The families of Comrades His family members, Plans to invite ex-military service, which will be held this year, Independence Day ceremony of the organizations planning to attend the population of about 30 in being responsible from the working group. The regional government, but also people from the ward and township Independence Day Fairs, a modified pre-holding.


Fairs, Sports competitions for cash, Ten houses, Chemistry, Consult local administrators are set. The availability of funds, Depending on the availability of space and Fairs are scheduled to be held in sports. Once a non-residential building constructed in the construction of buildings in these areas, but due to changes in living systems held no land no longer use the remaining vacant land. Therefore, even in the neighborhood Fairs, Games are held.


Races, Football Gunny bag, Grain, potatoes Eat bread, Greasy pole Bowler, The rubber bands Archery annual Independence Day arrives local children for sports competitions. Football like some sporting events are pre-competitive independence last week to commemorate the final award.


In addition, in Yangon School sports competitions, Essay competitions. Andyoustillhere office of Department of Information and land relations Nobody sports competitions, Exhibitions and wall newspaper, Picnic held joyful celebrations. Hledan near the traffic light from Hledan Center to mark Independence Day with  Fairs by prior sources.


Rangoon University in the west at the Inya Lake opened in greening Dean will coloring and painting competitions for children. The period of writer's childhood until dawn and evening sunset ceremony in Independence Fairs is one of time. In the morning about 5 hours from  race and start playing games so kind noon Remember that meal breaks occur in about 12 hours. About 3 hours in the evening, Football and the rest of the games played in the final night usually starts in about 7 hours Awards. About 9 hours often end awards, the day after Independence Day programs.


Winter just after dawn one morning with the independence of the local loudspeaker music, children up The play runs for a day